GNS3 Docker Summary

GNS3 Docker appliances are the easiest to import into GNS3 as they are simply pulled from the Docker Hub. Once you have the appliance file from the GNS3 Registry you can simply import it and go. Below we will cover importing some of the more useful docker appliances that are available.

Common Useful Appliances

  • Open vSwitch – A simple container running a basic 16 port Open vSwitch. This is a lightweight, flexible switch that you can use when you do not need something heavier like a Cisco or Arista image.
  • WebTerm – This is a simple container with a firefox install (Useful for Appliance GUI management), a terminal, and troubleshooting command line tools.
  • Ubuntu – This is a simple Ubuntu Xenial container that can be used as end points in your simulations.

Importing GNS3 Docker Appliances

Here we will follow the same basic process as the VyOS appliance, however, we only need the appliance files listed above. Start by clicking on import appliance from the file menu in GNS3.

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Importing WebTerm Example

Here we will the WebTerm appliance with all of its default settings. This process will be the same for all GNS3 Docker appliances.

Using a GNS3 Docker Appliance

The 1st time you drag a docker appliance onto a project GNS3 will download the image from Docker Hub to your local machine.

Configuring a GNS3 Docker Appliance

Unlike a full virtual machine the docker appliance is fed its configuration via GNS3 on container start. You can edit the networking configuration of the appliance by using the configuration selection in the right click menu.

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