F5-CA Summary

If you’ve followed my supplemental study guides for 101 and 201 and passed the exams then you should’ve received a certificate that looks quite similar to the one above. You are now F5 Certified and can start your journey onto higher level certifications.

What’s Next ?

If you want to continue on the same path then I would suggest going after the F5-CTS LTM certification. This certification requires the 301a and 301b exams much in the same way F5-CA requires the 101 and 201.

Since LTM is the base module of the F5 platform this certification is a logical next step to build upon the concepts that you have already learned. I will be writing articles for these exams as well and have already passed the 301b, however, I do not always have the time available to write these during my study process or immediately after passing the test.

What can I do with my F5-CA Certification

I would be lying to you if I told you just getting the F5-CA will land you the job of your dreams. If this is your only certification it can be a foot in the door, much like a CCNA, but it often helps to back it up with prior experience.

If this is in addition to other certifications such as the RHCE or a CCNA/CCNP then it can definitely help you get into the world of content delivery… Just don’t expect a fancy title without other experience and knowledge to back it up.


The F5 Certified Administrator (F5-CA, F5 CA) certification is the first step in the F5 certification program similar to the CCNA in the Cisco program. This certification can help you land a job as an F5 administrator but you definitely need other valuable linux and networking skills as well.